I accept the idea that we are unique individuals with a self-regulating system and a purposive life energy force that acts as a guiding factor within us. The aim of a therapeutic relationship is to expand our consciousness, to connect with that energy force, for your  creativity and unique talents to emerge.


In order to explore your narrative  I will follow an eclectic and reflective model of therapeutic enquiry, mainly based on a psychodynamic methodology within a transpersonal component, but with features of humanistic, existential, cognitive and mindfulness practices.


I will focus on exploring your past-experiences and stressful events and how they keep you “hypnotised” in your daily life and prevent you from accessing your inner potential.

I am very interested in acknowledging and observing what may be stopping you, rather than just alleviating your symptoms.

Symptoms have a deeper meaning that is very personal to you and your life story.


...and hypnotherapy


Hypnotherapy is defined by CNHC "involves skilled communication aimed at directing a person’s thoughts and imagination in a way that helps elicit psychological and physiological changes in some perceptions, sensations, feelings, thoughts and behaviours."


When we feel both confident and connected, hypnotic techniques will eventually be a co-operative medium to “de-hypnotise” conditioned and limited perceptions or to identify the root cause of your psycho-emotive symptoms. 


I may also suggest techniques, such as symbolic imagery and dream work, metaphor and active imagination, inner child work, creative visualisation, facilitation, Autogenic Training (AT) etc.


Music can be sometimes included during the hypnotherapy sessions if preferred, to help you let go and surrender to relaxation, resulting in a deeper experience.


However, none of these activities is obligatory. The hypnotic approach  can be simply an opportunity to attain a calm, harmonious state, learning how to be mindful and in touch with your body, cultivate creativity, connection, intuition and presence.