As a psychosocial practitioner, I have gained a decade of experience working in a variety of settings:  addiction and recovery education, psychiatric and forensic residential projects, mental health community teams, as well families, children and adolescents’ residential services.


I have considerable experience working in different European countries, with vulnerable and emotionally distressed individuals, from a different cultural background, complex life situations, personality disorders, phobias, psychosis, sexual offending, drug and alcohol dependence, anxiety and enduring or moderate depression.


My interdisciplinary academic background in Psychology and social studies, have helped me appreciate not only the  complexities of human nature, but the socio-cultural-political context in which mental distress progresses. I make sure to critically consider the interrelationship between psychology and society and remain committed to reflecting how social, economic, political, ecological and cultural issues can be integrated into theory and practice.


During my studies, my practice and in my personal therapy, I integrated therapeutic theories and knowledge from different areas such as Jungian and post Jungian psychology, psychoanalysis, neuroscience, analytic hypnotherapy, social pedagogy, energy psychology, mindfulness and esoteric traditions, meditation, Taoism, shamanism, Zen, Buddhism and philosophical existentialism.

I find that the experiences and insights gained integrating a variety of therapeutic theories and philosophies is beneficial to all aspects of clinical work whether it is time-limited focussed or open-ended.