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Psychosocial counsellor, psychologist, psychotherapist and hypnotherapist, Neuro-linguistic programming  practitioner and life coach. I am also a sociologist graduate and a fully qualified social worker.


I offer a space and time where you can freely express your unique symptoms, feelings, thoughts, fantasies, dreams or anything you believe to be affecting your life experience.

My listening, will be free of judgement, curious, active and compassionate. 

Together, by engaging in a exploratory dialogue, we can gain important information about your past and current situation, your distress and your emotional difficulties in an atmosphere of relaxation and acceptance.


With these information, we will try to bring presence to your wounded states and learn how to embrace them. Mindfulness, meditation and hypnosis are useful resources to help you recognize how your fears and insecurities keep you “hypnotised” in your daily life,  preventing you from accessing your wisdom and your essential life energy.


I work especially with adults and young people (over 18), with issues related to:


anxiety, stress and depression,  abandonment and loss, sexual identity, emotional difficulties, past and present stressful events, relationship issues, psychosomatic symptoms, confidence, motivation and self-acceptance.



The psychotherapy and hypnotherapy consulting rooms are located at


City Road Therapy 335 City Road London EC1V ILJ

and at

Bickerton House Studio 14B, 25-27 Bickerton Rd., N19 5JT, London.



Whatever your ethnicity, cultural and social background, beliefs or sexual orientation...

and whatever has brought you to my website, you are welcome to contact me.


 Thank you for visiting.



Offro un servizio di terapia in Italiano, puoi consultare la pagina di presentazione dal menù in alto a destra*





* The illustration in the background is known as the "ensō", one of the most important images of Zen art. Often referred to as “The Zen Circle“, the ensō embodies one of the defining aspects of Zen Buddhism, the no-mind concept. As a symbol the circle express the totality of our being, its ultimate wholeness, a feeling of completeness.

Carl Jung referred to the circle as "archetype of wholeness".